Samsung’s home hub smart fridge gets a colorful new look

The smart fridge has long been the butt of numerous IoT- related memes, but Samsung is laying that perhaps all smart fridges demanded to nab a spot in your kitchen was a more various look. The company will show off its newest replication of the smart fridge at CES 2022 coming week, and while it still ca n’t reliably determine what food you need and automatically order it so you do n’t indeed have to suppose about shopping, it can be a enough shade of blue. 

 The Samsung Family Hub fridge is now a part of Samsung’s Bespoke appliance line. First introduced in 2021, the Bespoke range is a selection of modular, configurable appliances with a clean, ultramodern look and customizable colors and homestretches. 


 The idea behind Bespoke is to allow homes to produce substantiated scenery for their kitchens and laundry apartments. The line includes refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, broilers, vacuums, washers and dryers in a choice of customized colors that can be mixed and matched. The fridge will have 12 color choices, including unheroic, blue, pink, white, green, argentine, and orange; two homestretches, glass or metallic; and three styles, four- door flex and three-or four- door French door models, which come in full or untoward depth. 


 While the new style and color options are the main magnet, this replication of the Family Mecca does have a many new, tech- concentrated features. These include an streamlined,bezel-less design for the hand21.5- inch touchscreen, which allows the tablet-interface to mix into the glass panel of the fridge, support for Samsung TV Plus in addition to the capability to image a Samsung Television on the tablet, and upgraded internal camera technology that can overlook food markers. 


As preliminarily blazoned, the new Family Mecca fridge will have Samsung’s SmartThings Mecca software erected in. The smart home platform allows you to connect and control smart home bias similar as thermostats, door cinches, and cameras right from the fridge. 

samsung familly hub

The SmartThings Mecca software isn’t a relief for SmartThings Hub tackle, which allows connections to Z-Wave and Zigbee bias. So, you’ll still need a separate physical mecca to control those bias if they’re part of your smart home setup. 


Samsung made no citation of Matter support for the smart fridge, although the new smart home interoperability protocol that the company helped plant isn’t due to launch untilmid-2022. Samsung prophet Liv Ren told me there will be further details on software advancements for the Family Hub closer to the vacuity of the product in the US, which is slated for the first half of 2022. There are no details on pricing yet, moreover. 


 The Family Hub did admit a number of software updates this once time that added to being features — which include contraptions for timetables, sticky notes, shopping, and To Do lists. The most notable was the addition of Amazon’s Alexa voice adjunct, meaning the fridge can now be a giant Echo speaker — playing music and controlling bias with voice commands. Alexa sits alongside Samsung’s Bixby — giving you a choice of virtual sidekicks. 


 While primarily a tablet slighted on the side of a fridge, the Family Hub does have some AI capabilities that take advantage of its placement. The three, erected-in cameras can dissect the contents of your fridge (as long as the cameras can see the particulars) and offer up form and mess plan suggestions grounded on what constituents you have. This uses the erected-in SmartThings Cooking app, powered by the Whisk smart food platform possessed by Samsung, which can also learn your food and salutary preferences. 


Plus, with its kindly limited knowledge of what’s in the fridge (it can only see particulars in the main cube that are n’t hidden behind other effects or stockpiled in Tupperware), the app can suggest missing constituents for those fashions and automatically add them to your online grocery wain. SmartThings Cooking supports Walmart, Kroger, Instacart, and Amazon Fresh online shopping. 


Another streamlined point is the capability to manage expiration dates the fridge scans the food markers using the cameras and pops up an alert when your milk is about to go bad. 


These features are still limited in their functionality, but this type of intelligence in our appliances does feel like a solid step toward the smart kitchen of the future. And while slighting on some swish light tones to broaden the appeal of technology in the kitchen does n’t add important to the mileage, easily Samsung is hoping it’ll move a many further people to add it to their homes. 

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