Our children will be our saviours !

Is it really 2022? How did 2021 go so presto? Was it because we had similar high prospects and ended up facing one dispiriting catastrophe after another, that we did not realise that the days had turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into a whole time? 


. It was supposed to have been the time of deliverance — the time when we’d eventually be suitable to at least take our masks off and breathe. Rather, it came another battle another, further vicious strain of coronavirus called Delta destroyed our nations, killing and enervating humans indeed more ruthlessly than its relatives, destroying families. Also, just as we were starting to believe the epidemic was on its way out, Omicron made its way in to give us a rude memorial that it was far from over. 


 It has been the time of”realisation”that we must live with Covid — for how long, no bone knows. Scientists sweat that newer variants of the contagion may crop up from time to time, and the one way to combat them is to modernize the vaccine formulae and keep inoculation rates high. 


 But since we’re starting the New Year, let’s try to see the tableware stuffings among the constant shower of tragedy and chaos. Commonly, it has been the youthful people who have handed the attar to our wounded psyche. Nothing could be more exhilarating than the BangladeshU-19 women’s football platoon deciding the 2021 SAFFU-19 Women’s Championship after defeating India 1-0. The swoon of the girls was so contagious that it was hard not to get teared up with pride and wonder. How heart-warming was it to see the contentious Mogini halves — Ana Mogini and Anuching Mogini — play, with Ana scoring the winning thing? It proved again how girls from the outermost, most impoverished and neglected communities could be trained to come the most redoubtable athletes. This, and the happy event of the Bangladesh public women’s justice platoon qualifying for the Women’s ODI World Cup for the first time, are signs of where we should be turning our attention to sports installations and support for our girls and women — commodity that has been grossly neglected for decades. 


 While we’re talking about getting awards for excellent performances, let’s not forget the 16- member platoon of girls and boys who won four gold, two tableware and five citation orders in the 23rd International Robot Olympiad. It proves the point about giving youthful people the right openings at the right time to bring in outstanding results. 


 Last time has also shown us just how passionate our youthful people are about protesting against injustice. The death of Nayeem Hasan, a Notre Dame College pupil who was hit by a Dhaka South City Corporation scrap truck, reignited demurrers by hundreds of academy scholars demanding road safety, compensation for victims, and proper monitoring of vehicle fitness. It showed that, despite the heavy-handedness and intimidation they had faced in the first road safety movement in 2018 ( also sparked by the deaths of two scholars hit by a killer machine), these youthful people refused to cow down from stopping vehicles to check for valid papers, and demanding commodity as introductory as roads that are safe from reckless motorists, who suppose nothing of bulldozing a mortal life and speeding down. 


 All over the world, youthful people are joining the movement for change — whether it’s Greta Thunberg from Sweden continuing to chastise governments for their incompetency and dissimulation in combatting climate change, or Malala from Pakistan who took a shot to the head for backing girls education banned by the Taliban, or those thousands of youthful men and women pouring into the thoroughfares to protest police brutality and gross ethnical demarcation against Blacks or People of Colour, or the scholars of Dhaka University protesting the torture and payoff of a fellow pupil by a vicious hubby. The youthful are tired of the authority of greying leaders who talk constantly and continue to fail in leading, guarding or nurturing them and their earth. Their outrage is contagious and has connected millions of their comrades across the globe, and now inclusively they’re a force to be reckoned with. 


In the Orwellian systems that feel to be spreading each over the world — where the innocent continues to be denied justice, silenced for indeed asking for it; where the fewest dissent may be ferociously muzzled and where the tentacles of corruption reach far and wide — it is the youthful people who have the temerity to throw their fists into the air in kick or palm. It’s their courage, adaptability, solidarity, the clear perception of what’s right and wrong, the capability to be creative in the direst circumstances, and the innovative spirit that emerges during each extremity as well as each technological revolution — it is all this that we must embrace, encourage and support with sincerity and love. The time 2021 has given us ample substantiation that afflictions, climate change and rapacity for power will continue to hang our very actuality. As we stumble into 2022, let’s have faith that our youthful will find ways to reverse this doomsday line, and come up with the cure for a poisonous, dystopian future. 


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