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In the world of science and technology, various events are constantly happening. If you want to move forward with the modern world, it is time to get acquainted with all the new inventions and discoveries. The goal and objective of NBR-DHK are to bring the light of science and technology to every corner of Bangladesh so that together we can build a more beautiful digital golden Bangladesh. 

the news is one of our biggest strengths. You can read about all that happens just anywhere in the world of technology, including widgets and jiggers, on NBR-DHK. NBR-DHK is also the go-to destination for contrivance reviews. Then you’ll find in-depth reviews of every technology. 

It has everything you could conceivably need to stay updated -Science, Technology, Education, and Business.


What We Do


We provide a wide range of programs, content, and services online for audiences across the world but especially in our country Bangladesh. NBR is the New Bunch Reader which will provide you with every type of knowledge in both English and Bangla Language. 

Our path is to spread the immortal beauty of technology to the Bengali-speaking people in the country and abroad. Digital Bangladesh is our manifestation as the driver of the vision implementation.

In addition to the latest news, trends, and discussions in the field of technology, we are bringing up innovations and initiatives from home and abroad. I am trying to find the pulsing star of science and technology. I want to compose in the world of science and technology. We want to drive new talent-based initiatives and possibilities on the path to prosperity.

We also want to spread the word about the latest developments in technology. I am presenting authentic documents with the news. Our goal is to become the spokesperson of Digital Bangladesh with a clear presentation in the video message.

With a bunch of young and talented teams in the implementation of the goal, we are reaching out to the viewers and readers in every field of technology transformation including science, information technology, economy, banking, education, medicine, sports, garment industry, entertainment besides telecom sector. Mobile, the internet is one of the aspects of modern life; The number-NBR-DHK also contains social media and glamor


Who We Are


NBR-DHK is one of those websites in Bangladesh that aims to promote the Bengali language each over the world by furnishing every information related to the world of education, technology as well as Internet to every person in Bangladesh.

From our Blog, you get to read papers on numerous motifs like Blogging about education, technology business, and Science, so that people can increase their knowledge and progress on the path of progress by taking as important information as possible. The thing of the NBR-DHK Blog is to include everything in the world of the Internet in the Bengali language which isn’t so important available on the Internet yet, so we’re constantly working on this thing and gradationally we will be suitable to reach you through this blog. And trying to deliver further than one composition.

On this website, papers are streamlined from time to time by us, so that you’ll be streamlined with every information. The purpose of this website is to give further and further information to the people so that every person can learn and understand new effects.

The goal of this website is to provide knowledge of the world of the Internet to every person in Bangladesh and all over the country, all the information we provide through this website is correct and accurate, so that you can understand and learn easily.

Our blog has 4 main Categories. In this order, we keep continuously posting further than one post so that people can learn and understand effects fluently. 

Thank you veritably much for visiting our website, hope you have liked our website. And you’ll get a lot of information through this website. You keep loving us like this, we will help you in every way Thank you.