Tesla Model Pi Smartphone Launch Date and specs.

tesla model pi

Innovated in 2003, Tesla is an electric auto manufacturing company possessed by Elon Musk, who’s also the company’s principal administrative officer. Currently, Tesla is rocking everyplace but it was in trouble not long agone. For case, the company had difficulty carrying machine factors, directors were laid off, and investors had problems. Amidst ruin, Elon Musk came up with a series of revolutionary goods and bias that saved the company. 

Elon Musk’s fortune has taken a significant turn in 2020. NASA has inked a huge deal with SpaceX, which he oversees. After that, Elon Musk came a ménage name thanks to the Crew Dragon spacecraft’s successful launch. On June 10, 2020, Tesla’s stock was formerly worth further than$. As of jotting, Tesla is now the most precious machine manufacturer in the world. 

The same goes with 2021, hunt machines were full with Elon’s name asking when Tesla is going to launch a phone? We now have the answer and it’s a massive yes. The tesla phone was formally blazoned this time. There’s a Chinese interpretation of MyDrivers that claims that the contrivance will be dubbed the Tesla Model Pi. 

Numerous experts prognosticate that the phone will marshal in a new technological revolution. Unfortunately, the launch date of Tesla’s smartphones has been kept under wraps by the company. Still, the contrivance’s functions and design are formerly well- known. 


tesla model pi phone

Tesla Model Pi Design 


The man behind the design is Antonio De Rosa, a product developer who has created a plethora of apple products. The Tesla Model Pi has been compared to the iPhone 12 by several assiduity judges. For case, the phone fits four cameras in its frame with the sides rounded with a argentine tinge. 

 The smartphone, on the other hand, offers several distinct features. According to reports, the phone case will have a coating that switches colors. How? Contrivers have developed a photochromic coating that changes color depending on the quantum of sun. 


Features of Tesla Model Pi Phone 


  • Then’s are a many of the known features of the Tesla Model Pi 
  • The phone will be suitable to connect to Starlink, a satellite internet service that was developed by Tesla. 
  • The phone will be suitable to interpret information from the brain via Neuralink technology. In the event of a brain injury, individualities will be suitable to replace portions of their brain’s functions. 
  • Smartphones can be used to mine Marscoins. As a result, guests will be suitable to mine virtual currency on their mobile bias and earn virtual plutocrat. 
  • You may connect your phone to other Tesla bias via the app. 
  • Elon Musk’s Tesla Model Pi is going to revise the phone business, especially in light of the Tesla auto’s massive request share and adding fashionability. 


tesla phone

Tesla Model Pi Security 


Author and CEO Elon Musk blazoned that the business has erected its encryption technology and will employ end-to- end encryption. In his view, these two factors will insure the protection of sensitive data. Turla hackers, on the other hand, were suitable to decipher the business successfully. After penetrating satellite channels of the DVB-S standard, the attacks began with the preface of dangerous operations. 

Tesla author and entrepreneur Elon Musk’s vision of a perfect smartphone is plainly different from that of moment’s cellphones. This may be seen in the smartphone’s design and functionality. It’s smart to incorporate both software and tackleencryption.However, we hope that he can perfect the idea, If Elon Musk takes this factor into account. 


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